The Robot Whisperer

Our Services

Process Development

Our process development services include:
  • developing methods,
  • validating methods using actual client processes,
  • generating intuitive user interfaces for custom scripts,
  • dynamically adjusting robot scripts based on data input files,
  • analyzing data,
  • standardizing processes and generating SOPs, and
  • training users.

Workflow Management Systems

We develop customizable software tools that:

  • provide flexible control over liquid handling and analytics workflow steps,
  • integrate with custom-developed processes,
  • track samples, inventory and results, and
  • generate customized reports for LIMS and electronic laboratory notebooks.

Liquid Handling Validation

We use well-established

  • photometric and gravimetric measurements, paired with
  • rigorous statistical analysis and consistency checks
to validate the liquid handling performance of your robot and monitor it over time.

System Integration

We integrate plate readers and other devices into our scripts, by controlling them from within the robot software or by generating robot instructions on the fly based on their output files, such as normalizations based on concentration measurements from a plate reader.

Instrument Repair

Where needed, we can rapidly troubleshoot equipment problems, modify instrument configurations, and help our clients get their instruments back up and running quickly.